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Benefits of Karate

Basic Work Out March 2021

Basic Work Out Mark 2021

The Program goals include

  • Improved Physical Fitness
  • Respect for Self and Others
  • Develop Self-Confidence
  • Learn Karate

Sport participation allows students to challenge themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Additionally, being  physically active eliminates the tension from school and work. For the younger students this improves their scholastic  abilities.

Approximately 10% of all students want to push themselves further by participating in competitions. Karate tournaments  offer kata, kumite, and weapon divisions.

These divisions are divided by age and skill level to promote safety and a fair  challenge for the participants. Kata is a designated series of movements by one person that require timing, speed,  coordination, and balance that are evaluated by trained officials. Kumite is controlled sparring by two people with safety  equipment, designated targets, and allowed techniques. Weapons are limited to specific weapons and the designated  movements are similar to kata and done by one person.

Tournament participation results in registration fees, safety equipment, and uniform expenses. Southern California offers  access to approximately 11 local tournaments and one US Open in Las Vegas a year. These tournaments offer an  opportunity for competitors to set performance goals and compare themselves to others.

Many of our students want to  register for these events.

Karate Program

As a nation we have become aware that our children need to become more physically fit. Physically fit children do better in  school and in life. Our traditional Japanese karate program began with the El Modena Family Resource Center in March  2013 with 25 students. Over the years our program has grown to over 40 students at a time.

During the 2020-2021 Covid Pandemic, our students, parents, and El Modena Family Resource Center have remained  committed to training. Zoom training, park training, and social distancing with masks at the Resource Center have kept our  students training. Continued activity during this time has been recommended by all health officials.

Grijalva Park Covid Work Out 2020

Grijalva Park Covid Work Out 2020

Dojo Class 2013

Dojo Class 2015

The achievement of our program goals will help our students to be successful in school, help maintain the integrity of their family, and give them the confidence to meet life’s challenges. As our students become adults, they will be better able to succeed in school and life and make will make a positive contribution to our community.

The support for this program has been strong.

Our students and parents participate in dojo events (testing, cleanings, fundraisers), tournaments, and guest demonstrations. Our parents are dedicated to raising their children well educated, and well behaved.

Due to their limited income, they cannot afford the sport activities that many families pay for their children.

Our Karate Program enables these parents and children to participate in a sport. The parents of our students have been actively fundraising to cover student expenses such as:

  • gis (uniforms)
  • obi (belts)
  • classroom equipment, or
  • tournament supplies

Fundraising includes hosting our traditional tournament and collecting recycling materials.

Our karate program is taught by two qualified volunteer instructors and occasional guest instructors. The classes are taught on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Students learn traditional karate in a safe and controlled class. The instructors are certified in the traditional Japanese Gensei Ryu style. Additionally, instructors are licensed as tournament officials by the World Karate Federation, Pan American Karate Federation, and USA Karate Federation which are recognized by the International Olympic Committee. Gensei Ryu USA is affiliated with Gensei Ryu International headquartered in Japan. In addition to training, approximately 10-12 of our students attend traditional karate tournaments. These tournaments not only test their karate skills but teach them to perform under pressure. Learning to perform a kata
(forms) or kumite (sparring) in front of several hundred people prepares them for handling pressure and making good decisions.

El Modena Family Resource Center

The Family Resource Center, Community Action Partnership of Orange County, is a non-profit community center in Orange that strengthens families and the surrounding community. The Center provides an environment that helps families become safe and stable. The Center works with parents and children to help them in times of need and strengthens the family dynamics.

To learn more about CAPOC please visit their web site at

2015 First Tournament

Indoor Kumite

Indoor Kumite

In August 2015 our dojo held its first tournament at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Tustin. A total of 84 competitors from our dojo and three others participated. Ten tournament trained black belts officiated. Since our turnout was greater than anticipated, one competition area had to be set up outside. Competitors and parents had a good time even though it was the hottest day of the summer. Parents sold delicious food and many beverages.

Outside Kata

2016 Grijalva Park

Grijalva Sports Center

In August 2016 our annual tournament was held at Grijalva Park’s sports center in Orange. The 99 competitors, 20 officials, and 100 spectators raved about the location and enjoyed the tournament.

The tournament raised money for our students for additional equipment, seminar attendance, and other tournament fees. The support of our student, parents, and colleagues made the tournament a success.

7 Up donated beverages that kept our official and ringside volunteers refreshed.

Gensei Ryu Tournament

Our tournaments raise money that is used throughout the year to purchase equipment, supplies, and underwrite our student’s attendance at other tournaments and seminars.

These experiences allow our students to understand that they are capable and able to participate in events beyond their immediate neighborhood and can do well when they train and prepare themselves.

Junior Kumite


Our 2017 and 2018 Gensei Ryu Annual Tournaments continued to be successful. Competitor and volunteer staff attendance increased. The events had 4 rings matted rings and continued to be well run. The 2018 tournament was attended by 150 competitors. The Flag Kumite that started in 2017 grew with three times the number of registered juniors under the age of 8 years. The special vests allowed competitors to enjoy the challenge with no injury risk.

Santiago Canyon College

2019 Santiago Canyon College Our 2019 annual tournament was held at Santiago Canyon College Gymnasium on Sunday, September 22.

Attendance increased to 180 competitors and divisions were added. Our parents and students were essential in the success of the tournament.

Young Junior Kata

Flag Kumite

Whether the competitor was very young or a young adult, everyone demonstrated skill, respect, and enthusiasm.

In addition to our students, competitors from dojos (schools) across Southern California participated.

Officials judged the students to select the best competitors.

Young Adult Kata


2020 E-Challenge Tournament Due to covid this tournament was conducted online with divisions limited to kata and e- kumite. The video taping of our students was done safely and with a feeling of hope. Our competitors were able to set a goal and continue to learn. The tournament had 80 competitors.

All of whom were happy to participate. 2021 Gensei Ryu Tournament has not been held since our usual locations were not available the end of September due to covid restrictions. We are currently planning for 2022 at Santiago Community College.

We look forward to being back on the tatami.

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