About Us

Who We Are

For over 48 years the Community Action Partnership of Orange County has worked to enhance the quality of life in Orange County by eliminating and preventing the causes and effects of poverty. We are a California community based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

We have remained true to our mission “to enhance the quality of life within Orange County by eliminating and preventing the causes and effects of poverty by mobilizing and directing resources to programs that assist, educate, and promote self-sufficiency.”

The men and women of Community Action Partnership of Orange County are committed to serving the communities where they work and live. They come from all walks of life rallying to support those in need, ending poverty and building stronger communities. Our agency is celebrating 48 years of caring, upholding the values of human dignity and the integrity of compassion.

El Modena Family Resource Centers (El Modena FRC)

Our two family resource centers strengthen families and the communities that surround them.  The centers provide an environment that helps families become safe and stable. They work with community leaders to build healthy and strong communities.

Children get help with their homework and enjoy the company of their peers in our afterschool activities.  Families learn about available services designed to help them reach self-sufficiency.  The centers also host arts and crafts, recreation, exercise, and daily lunches for senior citizens.

Karate Program

As a nation we have become aware that our children need to become more physically fit.  Physically fit children do better in school and in life.  The El Modena Family Resource Center has implemented a traditional Japanese Karate Program.  The Program offers two classes per week, two days per week and periodic special training seminars.  The Program goals include:

  • Improved Physical Fitness
  • Development of Self-Discipline
  • Having Respect for Self and Others
  • Development of Self-Confidence
  • Learning Karate

The achievement of these five goals will help our children to be successful in school, help maintain the integrity of the family, and give them the confidence to meet life’s challenges.  As our children grow up they will be better able to succeed in school and life so that they can become productive adults and make a positive contribution to our community, Orange County.